Meet the Baroque Horse Store's Equine Models, I have used many of my own horses over the years.

The first horse I would Like to mention was with me since the beginng of BHS he was the model for many of my classic pieces, he stands out with his slight romen nose and long hair, "Black Orpheus/ Tsjibbe" Friesian Stallion. RIP 2012

The second horse I am introducing was with me for 17 years and is the model for most of the BHS items as he was the best at posing! he never was antsy and always pricked his ears up. I would like you to meet "Deoro" 17hh Friesian Gelding. 1999- July 11, 2022 RIP

The Third horse is a "Atila" a PRE ( pure spanish) Andalusian. He is still learning how to pose with patience, but likes to show off his elegant features and kind eyes.

Other horses who have modeled, "Siglavy K." Lipizzaner gelding also deceased, " Bram" Gypsy cob gelding- also Deceased, " Finnian" Gypsy Cob Stallion- now living with a new family, " Maki" aka" Apollo" -Paint gelding now living with a new family. "Nico" Friesian living with a new family .