Some COLORED i.e red, blue, white bridles primarily the pieces made from buffalo leather, can be a little stiff working through the buckles. (Usually colored bridles more so as the dyes have a tendency to dry the leather) so I suggest a few thing things. 1) size/fit/adjust the bridles OFF the horse as best you can first. Hint: by laying them alongside your current Bridle. 2: Oil a little just the straps that have the buckle holes. 3: Stick a pencil tip first into any new hole you wish to use, to open it up a bit. And for the breast collars I would put snaps on them on the ends so you do not have to unbuckle them all time and it makes for a quicker and easier use. Bridles made from quality harness leather cowhide will not be as stiff or dry as the buffalo leather because the quality is better. I ALWAYS CLEARLY STATE LEATHER QUALITY ON ALL PIECES.

Most white leather items have a painted finish. USE FOR CLEANING: clean white leather with a standard saddle soap and a nice conditioner. ( I use the MOSS saddle soap made from goats milk, that I sell in my store as it cleans and conditions in one step) If you have scuffs or stains you can purchase a white shoe polish in a self applicator, from most any grocery store and go over it with that to bring out the white. DO NOT USE: Oils or Bleach